Huawei’s upcoming Honor smartphone, which has seemingly been leaked beyond recognition, has new pics leaked from a China-based website, basically confirming some of the stuff about the rumored phone that we already know. The Chinese gadget manufacturer’s Honor line of phones, also marketed elsewhere in the world as the “Glory” line, is set to take a major leap up with the rumored octa-core beast the Glory 6.

But first up, it is worth knowing that this rumored phone is the very same as the Honor/Glory 4, only that the manufacturers have decided to skip a few numbers up the line. The website that produced the leaked images still confirm a possible octa-core processor using Huawei’s own Kirin 920 chip, previously clocked at 1.3Ghz per core. The website also confirms the generous 3GB RAM configuration that was previously revealed, as well as a 13MP camera.

The pictures leaked reveal a few new things, such as the unit sporting a 5-inch screen that has slim bezels, much like Samsung’s Galaxy S5. The initial rumor was that this screen was going to be a disappointing 720p screen, but the signs show an improvement, with the website confirming at least a 1080p screen. But the biggest reveal is the presence of a square area/mechanism under what is supposed to be the phone’s rear camera. The website speculates that it might be some sort of fingerprint recognition mechanism, and we actually think this might not be far from the truth.

The rear camera itself will apparently be a 13MP shooter, with the front-facing one at 5MP. Still according to the website, the unit will drop at stores by June 24, just a couple of days from now. This is quite a relief for us, since we have been waiting for this phone for quite a while now. Hopefully the phone delivers on its promises and not disappoint the people waiting for it.

VIA: Digi-wo