As the Internet becomes more and more a staple of everyday life, the need for speed and wider bandwidths has become almost a matter of necessity. With the world beginning to adopt the current 4G network, the race for the next generation high-speed, high-bandwidth network is on, and Huawei plans on being at the forefront.

At a guest post at Forbes, Huawei deputy chairman and rotating CEO Ken Hu reveals that the company has been interested in 5G networks for several years now, even when 4G was still at its infancy, devoting hundreds of engineers to research and development. Huawei envisions a launch of the technology in 2020, when 5G will offer speeds of 10 Gbps, 100 times faster than today’s 4G speeds.

Huawei is hardly the only electronics manufacturer interested in 5G. In May, Samsung boasted about its own work on 5G network research. According to the company, its prototype 5G network was able to reach speeds of 1 Gbps over a distance of 2 kilometers. This was made possible by utilizing a 28 GHz ultra-high-frequency bandwidth, which gave it a transmission range far higher than current 6 GHz 5G test networks. Samsung is also earmarking 2020 as the year to release 5G on the world.

Of course, mobile networks isn’t the only thing Huawei has been busy with, with the company also looking into the new trend of wearable devices such as smartwatches and glasses that is ushering in a new era of connectedness. Hu sees a future where wisdom will be defined by human and artificial intelligence integrated around big data analytics, where competitiveness will be determined by the ability to grasp and make use of this new kind of wisdom.

VIA: SlashGear



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