A few days back we saw the story about how Huawei was planning to shift focus from, and move out of the US market. Well, flash forward till today and it looks like Huawei is now telling another story. This latest round of details are coming by way of a Bejing News report with comments from Huawei’s Executive Vice-President, Eric Xu.

Basically, he spoke about how the foreign media reports had misunderstood and misreported the original story. He went on to talk about how Huawei does not have plans to abandon the US market and in fact, how they have been trying to enter the US market. Whether this was a case of a misunderstanding or actually a case of backpedaling on the part of Huawei remains to be seen, however one thing seems clear — Huawei is not all that popular in the US at the moment.

Even the Bejing Times has said [after translation] that “Huawei operator business in the United States is almost a total failure.” The other side here, a part that sort of suggests that Huawei will remain in the US (with a little less focus) is how they have only cut the US based R&D and sales teams and not removed them completely.

It was said the R&D department went from 800 down to 500. Of course, a slimming down of departments could also be a first step toward an eventual closing. That all being said, while there clearly seems to be some remaining confusion here, we suspect this will not be the last we hear from Huawei on this topic.

[via phoneArena]