We may have recently seen Huawei release the Premia 4G smartphone with MetroPCS here in the US, however it looks like that may not be happening moving forward. Huawei has said they would be shifting their focus from the US market due to “geopolitical reasons.” A representative from the company has said they are ready to “face reality” which seems to touch on the recent issues that Huawei were having in the US.

If you remember back to last October, a US congressional panel suggested that telecom operators stay away from Huawei due to alleged ties to the Chinese government. In addition to the facing reality comment, the company also spoke about how they now plan to “focus on the rest of the world.” Further noting that remaining market is “reasonably big enough and is growing significantly.”

Basically, it seems that Huawei is being optimistic in terms of a future which has them outside of the US market. Despite comments about the carrier business growing significantly outside of the US market, Huawei did make it clear that they would “love to get into the US market.” The reasoning here is because at 30 percent (of the world’s carrier business), that makes the US amount to what Huawei considers to be a “high-value market.”

Aside from the allegations, Huawei maintains their equipment is safe to use. Outside of the US, Huawei may begin looking more towards China and their soon be to launching 4G markets. It was said that China now has more than a billion mobile phone accounts, which seems to imply there is plenty of room for smartphone sales.

[via PC World]


  1. Good for Huawei… The politicians and powers that be, only seem to want one company dominating the mobile space in America. I will give you 1 guess as to what enterprise business that is. If I were Huawei I would focus on emerging markets also. Why waste time in a country that’s already got a political agena stacked against you.

    • There’s a “political agenda” against them because there is GOOD reason.

      The Chinese can not be trusted. People forget that they are still a Communist nation, where the companies are state run and deeply tied to the Chinese military. This is a country that funds terrorist nations, steals US technology, perpetrates corporate espionage, and commits drastic acts of human rights violations.

      For companies like Foxconn that simply manufacture devices based on US specifications and are monitored by these US companies, worries of espionage may not matter as much, even though these opportunities have allowed Chinese companies to steal US technology.

      But when any domestic company like Huawei uses homegrown blueprints to manufacture and sell their devices to the US or any other country, this is a significant security concern.

      People who have no problem with China are those who do not know what really goes on in China. The Chinese are one of the dirtiest, most dishonest and deceitful people in the world. They will smile at you, but quietly back stab you.

      Anyone who has been to China or has worked with the Chinese will tell you the same.


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