It hasn’t been long when we informed you that Huawei could be working on a clamshell design foldable phone. If you had reservations, the detailed explanation of the hinge mechanism of the phone will put the theories to rest. The Chinese smartphone company has described the hinge which will connect the two halves of the handset in a patent filed with WIPO in April and published on October 22.

The excerpt of the hinge description along with some sketches of the expected clamshell phone was recently spotted by WindowsUnited. The unnamed Huawei phone according to the images is pretty similar in concept and style to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Huawei is not new to the concept of foldable phones, its Mate X series is already on the market and presents a viable option to Motorola and Samsung foldables. Currently, the smartphone company has book-like foldable phones, and this is for the first time Huawei is venturing into flip-style phones.

As the shared sketches reveal, the Huawei patent for the clamshell design phone features a hinge in the middle which connects the upper and lower parts. On the rotatable hinge, the phone will flip open from bottom to top instead of the book-like design.

Through the initially seen images, the phone could have a large external display with a dual-camera setup alongside. When flipped open the foldable phone will reveal a narrow screen. We have generally seen that not all patents end up as finished products, but this one has a great chance if Huawei can conjure up the resources for such a device amid the US trade restrictions.


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