We all know that Huawei wants to enter the US mobile market. Some products are already available but it has yet to be known big time in such a huge country. Recently, we’ve seen the Mate 9 Lite, Nougat Mate 8, new MediaPad tablets, and the Mate 9, Mate 9 Pro, and the special Porsche edition. We’ve been anticipating for the company’s arrival in the US and we’re curious to know how is it the the first few weeks.

Well, it hasn’t fully entered the arena because some mobile carriers have been adamant to accept Huawei and work with them. The Chinese OEM is the top phone brand name in China today but looks like it will have a hard time in the US.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a congressional report released a few years ago that said carriers in the country should avoid Huawei gear because of fear that it will be used by the Chinese to spy on the Americans. The idea isn’t new because we’ve been featuring similar reports. We said a couple of weeks ago that Chinese-made phones are vulnerable to secret software that tracks behaviors. That’s only an idea and we’re certain Chinese companies will disagree. Huawei already denied the accusations so it’s only now up to the US companies if they will partner with Huawei.

Huawei is said to have a number of “technical hurdles” in the US as well so the Chinese company is having a difficult time. It may be the top 3 phone maker in the world today, coming after Samsung and Apple, but it appears it’s not much welcome in America.

Some of its phones are available in Europe. In the US though, the brand may be available thru Amazon. No information on pricing and exact availability yet in the US but we hope to find out soon.