The folks at Huawei have what appears to be a pretty impressive handset in the works for later this summer, and it’s getting a whole lot of attention lately. Their new Ascend P6 has leaked more times than we can count, and it still isn’t even set to be unveiled until their event tomorrow.

However, it’s already seen nearly 2 million reservations before we’ve learned all the details. Well, before we’ve learned all of the details officially that is. Full press images have leaked, as well as another full breakdown of the specs and super thin 6.5mm design last week.

Before officially unveiling everything at their “beauty event” set for tomorrow, June 18th, they’ve already opened up a sign-up page over in China for users to learn more, and it’s seeing plenty of traffic. Reports suggesting over 2 million users already reserving their spot, and they’re expecting similar or better pre-order numbers in the region.

The smartphone is impressive all around, although not quite as flagship as some. With a 4.7-inch 720p HD display, quad-core power, and an elegant design all coming in at 6.4mm thick. The idea is a well-rounded device that’s super thin, lightweight, and good looking. Not just a top-tier device with anything and everything.

We’ll be learning more about this phone soon, and hopefully a price. Although sadly it’ll likely never come to the US through any official channels. Stay tuned for more details.

VIA: GSM Insider


  1. Thank god its not coming to the US. We have enough trouble supporting our own companies without trying to support the communist ones too. I only need one govt following me at a time

    • US police state which spies on the world rape their own constitution, and still unable to provide security to their citizens.


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