Huawei recently made a revelation that didn’t surprise us at all. A few days ago, we reported that the Chinese OEM used different storage versions on the P10 and P10 Plus. It was the conclusion of some users who shared different read and write speeds on Androbench 5.0. They’ve been saying that Huawei seemed to have “cut corners” by using different storage components discovered to be UFS 2.1, UFS 2.0, and eMMC 5.1.

The company finally released a statement and sort of admitted what we already know. The OEM said they used storage devices of different specifications on the latest Huawei P10 and P10 Plus phones. We’re not sure now if that’s to cut corners but at least the company didn’t cover the fact.

The company just explained they they “employed standard industry practice of sourcing solutions from multiple trusted suppliers to ensure a balance between user experience, quality and sustainable supply”. That sounds fair enough but maybe not so for the consumers. Now it seems buying a P10 or P10 Plus may yield different performances because storage chips’ performance differ significantly. These technologies are not the same as some are already old. It’s just fair for buyers to know if what they have on their phones is old or new.

Huawei said they are not making false claims but some ads mention UFS 2.1 chips and LPDDR4. Huawei explained the chips are used randomly so there really is no way for you to know what’s inside. This means everything is left to chance.

VIA: Android Authority