This is a bit interesting, if you head over to you will find a few unique names that we haven’t seen or heard before. Hearing of new phones is always exciting because then we can sit and wonder about what lies ahead. If you look in the drop-down menu you will see an HTC EVO 4G+ as well as the Inspire HD and both are equally interesting.

First off the EVO 4G+ is a surprise because we all thought the EVO 3D was the successor to the original EVO, maybe they are planning to release another sometime soon or possibly on another carrier. Either way another EVO is always welcome because they are great phones. I think I’ve heard of the EVO 4G+ before refereed to as the HTC Rider but we will keep digging.

Next up we have the Inspire HD. The Inspire 4G is a huge 4.5″ phone headed to AT&T and this could just be an early on used name or also possibly for another carrier. What makes this unique is the fact that they are using the term HD. Does this mean we might be seeing a Inspire HD with a 720p HD resolution because that would be amazing. This is all just speculation but either way I find it mildly entertaining. We will report back if we hear anything more on either of these names.

[via Phandroid]