To celebrate winning several Phone of the Year awards from last year, HTC UK announced that they’re giving away a “24 carat REAL Gold” HTC One mobile phone through a Twitter raffle. All you have to do to join it is to Retweet their exact post and of course, you need to be a UK resident to qualify for the draw.

The promo was launched just Saturday and will run until June 29, with Twitter users only allowed to have one “entry” only and multiple RTs are not allowed. All they have to do is follow the official Twitter account @HTC_UK and then retweeting the original post. From among all the eligible retweeters, they will be drawing the winner of the gold One M7.

While joining is easy and the price seems very tempting on paper, it’s also kind of weird that what they’re giving away is last year’s model and not their newer flagship phone, the One M8. Although the reviews for the new version are good, particularly regarding its better design, the M8 hasn’t made quite an impact in the market as the previous one. At least not yet.

The M7 won the Best Smartphone award of 2013 at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year and the Best Mobile Device at the MWC the previous year. The specs for the old and new flagship vary between not so different to wildly upgraded, with the One M7 being slightly smaller at 4.7 inches, compared to the 5 inches of the One M8 but both with the same 1080p resolution. They both have 4 megapixel main cameras, but One M8 actually has two cameras on the back. The older version has a quad core 1.7 GHz processor and a 2 GB RAM, while the newer version also has 2 GB RAM but a faster 2.3 GHz CPU. But still, this is totally not bad for a free gold-plated phone, if you are the lucky Twitter raffle winner.