Now that the exciting show in Barcelona, Spain, has finally ended we are now starting to see the awards going out for best in show. Mobile World Congress is one of the most exciting mobile events of the year, and this time around was no exception. Even though HTC didn’t announce their device at MWC 2013 they still took home the gold.

The all-new HTC One was awarded best in show, or ‘Best Mobile Device’ but Sony was a close second and won a few awards of their own. Sadly this year wasn’t as good as some in the past, as many companies are opting to do their own show at a later date to steal all of the attention. HTC revealed the award winning HTC One the week before in NYC and London, and Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV passed on the event and will be announced March 14th in New York City.

This year the global mobile show in Barcelona was home to more than 72,000 attendees from 200 countries and more than 1,700 companies showcasing their latest and greatest products and technology. At the annual award ceremony the judges recognized the new HTC One as the “device that holds the most promise for success in the market this year, providing game-changing features, design and functionality.”

Sony’s impressive new Xperia Z smartphone came in a close second, but it won the award at CES so I don’t think they’re too sad to see HTC take home the gold. On the bright side the Sony Xperia Z Tablet won the award for the best slate, and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 was just an afterthought for the judges. Oddly enough the peoples choice award went to Firefox’s new Mobile OS, but we’ll reserve judgement for a later day.

For everything exciting from Mobile World Congress from LG’s pile of smartphones, the new Sony slate, HP’s little Android offering, and much much more be sure and check out our MWC 2013 Portal. Congrats HTC!

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  1. Are you kidding me with the “HTC One is the device that’s most likely to succeed this year.” Nonsense! The device is awesomely lame for a 2013 flagship device. The battery is lame, in terms of storage it’s at a disadvantage compared to the competition, there are also doubts about the camera and the software is uninspiring, even compared to that of last year’s Samsung Galaxy s3. The only outstanding thing about the device is that it’s beautiful.

    • battery is not lame. You have to remember that the Snapdragon 600 is approx 40% more battery efficient (if i remember correctly) so 2300 MaH battery is more than enough

    • I don’t get some people’s btchin’ about storage. It’s 32GB mininum (probably 24GB usable storage)- it’s still huge! What do you plan to store on your mobile phone anyway? If for some reason you run out of space, you just plug it to your computer (it’s standard USB. just drag-and-drop files, no need for proprietary interfaces/software) and transfer data, and also there’s the Cloud! Heard of Dropbox at least?

  2. The device is awsomely lame for a 2013 flagship device…Really? Have u tested it out? And how do you know the battery is lame? I haven’t seen any battery tests on the phone yet…And there are doubts about the camera? The pictures I’ve seen so far from the camera are on par or better than the iPhone 5’s camera…Lol, you have no idea what you’re talking about…The only thing that’s lame is your analysis of this phone…My prediction is the HTC One will easily be the best phone of 2013!

  3. I really think that the LG Optimus pro deserves the title because the HTC One was already unveiled days before MWC. So there wasn’t any excitement anymore. It’s far from being the star of the show

  4. After checking out the specs I really want this phone! So far after looking around, it’s the best one out there. @ taco bell….how do you enter to win One?

  5. With a phone like this I don’t get why other Android fans
    continue to act as if Samsung is the only one that can make a good Android phone.
    It’s relatively clear that the attention that Samsung gets is directly related
    to its advertising budget, not the quality of the phone, s-Sheep are lame! Compare
    the way HTC handled this release vs. the way Samsung is hyping up the SG4. Come
    on the next big thing is already here. LOL!

  6. amazing device, superb design, beautiful alumini body, love u htc!!!!! and best f luck for 2013. best smartphone i ever seen


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