HTC has always been known for being too generous in giving discounts. It doesn’t always mean sales aren’t doing so well. It just means the company is being well, generous. The HTC U Ultra was launched last January together with the HTC U Play but we haven’t heard any figures yet. For this Spring, HTC USA has started to offer the U Ultra with a huge discount of $150 off. It’s now $599 which is, to be honest, still pricey. Then again, it is still affordable than most premium flagships just offered in the market.

The HTC U Ultra boasts of a Liquid Surface design that shows the molded glass front and back. You will notice the fluid blend between the glass display and metal build. There’s also the dual display which is more of a second screen where quick informations and details are viewed like event notifications, app shortcuts, or a favorite contacts.

The phone features a 12MP main and 12MP front-facing cameras. The selfie shooter also uses a 16MP sensot or 4X UltraPixel. The HTC USonic analyzes your inner ear and adapts sound profile for a better audio listening experience.

HTC is also offering the UH OH Protection with the HTC U Play for free. This means you can have the screen replacement without any cost when it’s broken or there is water damage. Other HTC models are also listed with a discount: HTC One A9 with $300 off, HTC Bolt with $150 off plus a clear case, and the HTC 10 with $200 off. Such discounts may also mean new models are arriving soon so let’s wait and see.