Amidst rumors of a high-end tablet coming from HTC this year, it seems the company may instead be shifting to focus more on the mid-tier range. This doesn’t necessarily mean a high-end device, possibly a Nexus tablet, isn’t in the works. But overall, it seems HTC will be concentrating a bit more on devices that aren’t the flagship.

This news is coming as word of the latest HTC financial reports have been published. Simply put, HTC is looking to make a return to net profit in 2014. HTC CFO Chialin Chang recently spoke about how an improved product mix for 2014 should bring the rise in gross profit margins they are looking for.

In other words, it seems HTC will be pushing more than the One. Or more accurate, more than the still rumored M8. More important at the moment though — is how HTC plans to get to that point. Statements coming from Cher Wang brought mention about how the problem last year was HTC only concentrated on the flagship.

Wang admitted because of the concentration on the flagship, they “missed a huge chunk of the mid-tier market.” The bit about HTC sliding is no secret. In fact, it is a topic that has often been discussed. On the topic of where HTC had come from, Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston mentioned how just two years ago the company was supplying one in every 10 smartphones. Then as of 2013, HTC had fallen to just 2 percent of the global market share.

SOURCE: Reuters