As you may already know, the release date for the HTC ThunderBolt that’s been spreading around the streets like a fine butter has last been reported as February 24th, 2011. Now, our good pal Jonathan S Geller of Boy Genius Report (BGR) has also confirmed that date, so we can basically etch that in stone. BGR never lies, ever. Their source has locked down the release date for the HTC ThunderBolt to February 24th, and that’s both at Best Buy and Verizon Wireless.

If you’d like to know more about the HTC ThunderBolt, the sweetest phone to crash down from the heavens and fall upon Verizon like a storm, just hit the [HTC THUNDERBOLT] portal and you’ll be brought to a magical rainstorm of information on the phone the likes of which have never before been seen.

[via BGR]