For those of you with a HTC Thunderbolt that spend all there time gaming or movie watching over that 4G LTE, Or just love using the Thunderbolt and feel the need for a spare battery for those times in need, it looks like Verizon has it on sale so now is the best time to purchase one. It is listed as the usual $39.99 online but once added to your cart it drops to $19.99. This is the official OEM replacement, not a ebay knock-off.

If you head over to Verizon’s accessory shopping page you can get it now for that low low price mentioned above. I know I love having a backup battery for conventions, or vacations and those times I just don’t have a charger. Our friends at DroidLife got the details on this little price drop and we thought we’d share the news.

No coupons or anything special is required just head over to the product page and add the $39.99 battery to your cart and then the magic happens and you get a “new discount” dropping the price to $19.99 but I would hurry as it probably wont last for long, if it doesn’t sell out first.

[via Droid-Life]