So here we’ve got quite an interesting situation – our pals over at SentNation have had a conversation with their Verizon Wireless contact who has not only all but guaranteed a March 10th release date for the HTC ThunderBolt, they’ve noted threats from HTC deciding the fate of advertisements for the phone and possible consequences for Verizon if they did not release the phone soon! In all, the most important thing to take away from the conversation had between this publisher and their Verizon source is that tensions are running high, but it’ll mean a solid release date for everyone who’s been chomping at the bit since the first time they saw the lightening strike.

As our pal from SentNation, Alex, began his conversation, obviously digital and having taken place yesterday in the afternoon, by asking when the ThunderBolt will be released – to which he received the reply “no dice.” Not satisfied with a silly noncommittal answer such as this, Alex pressed on for the greater good of ThunderBolt awaiters everywhere.

Me (7:04 PM): What’s up? Not happening today?

Source (9:51 PM): Things are being finalized. We’re shipping to stores tomorrow which is ahead of schedule. [HTC] wanted it announced days ago. I think either tomorrow or Monday/tues we’ll go public with the news. Phone’s been ready forever

Me (10:00 PM): Sounds like hell. March 10 still?

Source (10:10 PM): 10th is right. Just got off a conference call with [Some partner] things are getting chippy around here. Someone’s more impatient than you — We heard HTC threatened to pull all its ads if we don’t announce a date before Saturday

Me (10:14 PM): Holy ****. Think it’ll be announced soon then?
Source (10:27 PM): I hope so I don’t need that ****

If the unlikely situation above is true, it means terrible things for Verizon. Even if they deliver the phone on the 10th, they now owe HTC a set of explanations for why they’ve not delivered this phone that’s very obviously sought after hardcore by the Android community on time – or perhaps that’s the point? Have a peek at our top posts for today, and not that these aren’t just posts posted today, they’re the most visited posts in our entire archive today —

The ThunderBolt, this phone being the first 4G LTE phone on Verizon’s powerful network, is sure to be a hit – we’ve held it in our hands and from what we can tell, it’ll have been worth the wait. If you’d like to know everything there is to know about this lovely phone head over to the [HTC ThunderBolt] portal and take a look around. No umbrellas!

[via SentNation]