We’ve received a tip from a fellow by the name of JR who has apparently recently had a chat with a friend of the family who works at corporate for Verizon. While we’re not always jumping at attention for tips from friends of friends, if you know what I mean, this one smells like peanut butter, looks like peanut butter, and you know what? We think it’s pretty much obvious that this is peanut butter. But before we get to the actual pattern she (the Verizon rep) gave that leads to the correct date, let’s talk about what else she said, the funny stuff.

First of all, this Verizon representative told our friend JR that they have a good laugh every time a new rumor spreads through the streets of these internets. In addition to this sweet giggle, the Verizon rep noted that it’s often Verizon employees that help “drop” the false dates that end up propagating sites like the one you’re on right here right now – you dastardly snides! She went on to say that everyone, in their excitement over the product, is making the situation much more complicated than it actually is.

This Verizon rep noted that they did indeed have “technical” issues with the HTC ThunderBolt, and therefor never set a release date. She noted to JR that she wished the record to be set straight that a device can’t be “delayed” if no release date was ever given. She went on to say that the last time Verizon held a conference mentioning the ThunderBolt, it was set for March. She would not give a specific date beyond the month, but made it clear that JR should “look at the pattern of device releases” and he might be clued in on when the device would be launched. What JR took from this last statement, and we agree, is that he ought to look at the big release dates on recent and soon-to-be-released devices carried by Verizon.

First there was the iPhone 4 on February 10.

Then there was the Motorola XOOM on February 24.

Next up is iPad 2 on March 11. [typo, one day difference, apologies]

Then here’s the kicker: HTC ThunderBolt on March 24.

Sound reasonable to you? Sounds reasonable to us. We’re going to go ahead and guess that this device is going to be a gigantically successful one just based on how much attention it’s garnered here for daily views and comments in the multiple release date rumor posts we’ve dug up – then there’s the ads.

Hooray for lightening!