Now that you’ve read the headline above, take a few deep breaths first — breathe in, breathe deeply, then breathe out. If you’re an HTC One M7 or One M8 user, this news will be sure to cause some irritation at the very least, so make sure you’re feeling somewhat relaxed before proceeding. We know that HTC One users have been looking forward to getting their hands on the Android 5.0 Lollipop updates to their devices. This latest update means more bad news for you guys.

You read that headline right: Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC recently announced they will not be able to meet the self-imposed 90-day deadline for rolling out their promised Lollipop updates for the HTC One M7 and One M8 handsets. The company, through vice president for product management Mo Versi, acknowledged that they had encountered “several issues” despite “great progress,” and that they are currently working to sort out the kinks in the update before releasing it to HTC’s customers.

Back in November, HTC had promised to release an update for the M7 and M8 smartphones to enable them to move up to Android 5.0 Lollipop, but due to some issues—apparently from Google’s end of the project—Versi was forced to acknowledge that the company would not be able to meet the February 1 deadline. “We are continuing to push hard to deliver Lollipop to all devices as near the 90-day mark as possible, but we are taking every precaution to ensure the rollout is right and we aren’t willing to compromise at your expense,” he explained.


The delay though, applies only to—brace for it—smartphones locked to US carriers. Likewise, HTC has also announced that it has released the update to the Google Play Edition, the Unlocked, and the Developer Editions of the M8. So if your HTC One M7 or One M8 handset is not one of the three variants mentioned above, you might have to wait a bit longer. After all, they say patience is a virtue. Doesn’t mean we all have to like the situation, though.