HTC had admitted fault in terms of neglecting the midrange market. This came after the company put more focus and effort on pushing the HTC One through 2013, but they already mentioned how they aren’t planning to make that same mistake with the HTC One (M8) in 2014. Not to mention, we’ve already being seeing some new midrange handsets such as the HTC Desire 816.

But that isn’t to say HTC doesn’t have plans to push the new flagship. And in fact it looks like HTC will be getting some help from an ex-Samsung marketing chief. According to a recent WSJ report, HTC has hired Paul Golden. HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang has taken a more active role in overseeing the marketing plans at HTC and Golden is said to be coming on as a consultant for Wang.

Paul Golden formerly served as Samsung’s US CMO. He held that position from 2008 to 2012 and is credited as helping to launch the Galaxy brand. There was also mention about how Samsung’s global smartphone market share went from 4.5 percent to 21 percent during that time. Of course, whether he can do the same with HTC remains to be seen.

HTC had previously looked towards celebrity names such as Robert Downey Jr. to attract some attention. Those campaigns seemed to have attracted some initial attention, but that attention also seemed to have disappeared rather quickly. Of course, on some level HTC is back at it with the One (M8) and Gary Oldman.

We have yet to see any sales figures from HTC following the launch of the One (M8), however it does seem they managed to get something right this time around — the immediate availability. If you remember back to the launch of the HTC One — you will remember the long delays, which were even worse for Verizon users.