We understood that when the HTC Ultra and U Play were unveiled, they would come with an exclusive app called the HTC Sense Companion. It’s more of a personal companion that tries to learns what you do everyday and remembers them for future reference. The app makes the U Ultra phone smarter than ever because it “knows” you better, making it well-equipped to automate things for you and give information and suggestions relevant to your needs.

We previously noted that this HTC Sense Companion in the new HTC U phones will only be limited to a few cases. This AI companion can also retrieve information from third party databases and websites. The app just retries data but beyond that, HTC is no longer responsible for their accuracy so users need to be very careful. Getting content from outside is at your own risk.

This HTC-developed companion is one of the numerous apps created by the Taiwanese tech giant for exclusive use on its products. HTC has always been about bringing excellent user experience for the customers and this one is no different.

At this point, you can take advantage of the HTC Sense Companion on the U Ultra. This AI smart tool will become smarter the more you use the phone. It will know you more and deeper you’d be surprised at times that it may actually get freaky in the future.

Download HTC Sense Companion from the Google Play Store


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