Just a week ago we saw how close HTC was to getting the latest Sense UI version on last year’s HTC One and its family. Now, the manufacturer has rather silently updated that status, putting the Certification label for most, but not all variants of the HTC One (M7) and the One max.

We can’t really commend HTC enough for giving the public pretty progress bars to monitor the journey of an awaited software feature. It has the effect of projecting an image of openness, building up hype around the software and its features, and, indirectly, showing that it is not the bottleneck when it comes to rolling out significant updates. That is usually the onus of carriers, as the bulk of the time is spent on integration and certification, both of which happen on the carrier’s side of the court.

Today, Sense 6.0 is inching ever closer to getting released to owners of several variants of last year’s HTC One and its large One max sibling. Some of the devices have reached the certification stage, which, based on the infographic HTC shared last year, involves testing the updates with carriers. Included in this phase are the Unlocked and Developer editions of the HTC One, those coming from AT&T and Verizon, as well as the Verizon HTC One max. As a side note, these have all received Android 4.4 updates already.

Unfortunately, those owning an HTC One M7 under T-Mobile as well as those with AT&T’s HTC One mini still have some waiting to do. The One mini is still in the integration phase while T-Mobile‘s One is surprisingly stuck at the Development area. No schedule yet for the actual rollout of these updates, but, if no critical bugs are encountered, they could very well take place within a week or so.