Curious wen your HTC device will get Sense 6? If you’re anxious to find out HTC has created an update page for their newest Android skin, so you know when you’re getting their latest take on Android. In checking the page out, it seems some devices are a bit closer to getting it than we thought.

HTC also walks us through the entire process, from evaluation all the way through integration — which means the skin is nearly to certification, the last phase before being pushed to handsets. Many of the devices HTC currently supports are in that phase, with the One (M7) for T-Mobile being the surprise straggler.

The One max and mini also show up, which we were a bit surprised to see. Those devices sold nowhere near as well as the flagship they’re modeled after, but HTC has recommitted themselves to supporting hardware with software. As they separate apps from the skin, it should be much easier to do so.

We previously updated what has changed with the new Sense skin from HTC, so if you need a primer — start there. Blinkfeed is among the better features with Sense 6.0, and we’re happy to see handsets coming along that can carry Sense 6.0.

Source: HTC