HTC has had several senior level executives leave over the past months and years and it looks like the latest has announced a departure. The interesting twist here, this departure is coming just four months after the arrival. According to a Bloomberg report, Lorain Wong will be leaving the company.

It was said that Wong will be leaving HTC due to personal reasons. As we often see, there was nothing further given in terms of a reason, however Chief Marketing Office Ben Ho, who was her direct manager, did say that she will remain with HTC as a consultant for the next three to four months.

Aside from Wong, Bloomberg mentioned that “at least” six senior level executives have left HTC in the previous 2.5 years. Some of those earlier departures include John Wang and Winston Yung, who were the marketing chief and Chief Financial Officer respectively.

Otherwise, while HTC may have some work to do in terms of finding and keeping executives, they have been in the rumor mill plenty lately. For a change these HTC rumors did not involve the One max smartphone as that was officially unveiled earlier in the week. Instead, it is beginning to look like they may be working on something with Amazon.

Or maybe more specific, something for Amazon. Rumor has it that HTC may be building the still rumored Amazon smartphone. The details remain at a minimum, but the chatter does appear to have been picking up lately. Just this week alone we went from how Amazon may be looking towards HTC, to talk about how they could be building three smartphones for them. Of course, this has yet to be confirmed and is still firmly in the rumor category.