The never ending saga of the HTC Thunderbolt and Ice Cream Sandwich seems to have once again kicked into gear. And while we may have some good news for those still rocking a Thunderbolt, we caution you not to get super excited. After all, this is far from the first time we have heard of an update coming for the aging handset.

That being said, the latest details are coming by way of the official HTC Twitter account. HTC was asked about Ice Cream Sandwich for the Thunderbolt and the reply stated that it was coming soon. Or a bit more specifically, HTC said that “ICS will be here soon.” And nicely done, they even went on to thank the person who asked. Well, thanked them for the continued patience.

That patience is something that we suspect Thunderbolt users are most likely running low on at this point. This is considering that we have been hearing chatter about Ice Cream Sandwich for the Thunderbolt since early in the year. Of course, we should also point out that while HTC has confirmed this update as coming soon — they have made similar promises in the past.

If you remember back to August, HTC had confirmed that the ICS update would be available by the end of the month. And well, given we are way past August, it is clear that did not happen as expected. Bottom line here, while we have our fingers crossed that this “soon” really means soon — we would be lying if we were to say that we weren’t skeptical.

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  1. Motorola finally updated the Droid Bionic to ICS, so there is a slight possibility of a slim chance with a very large margin of error that the possibility of an upgrade is non-zero. Maybe. Will any Thunderbolts still be functional by then?

  2. Every couple of weeks I search “ics thunderbolt” on Google and without fail find an article with an update every couple of weeks from some website. As much as I knew all the other posts about reps promising it – I began to lose faith after October. But this?

    If it was promised August. How soon is soon? Sad face.


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