HTC UK posted on its Facebook page yesterday that it wasn’t going to bring Gingerbread to the Desire smartphone. Desire owners were not happy in the least and the backlash on the Facebook post was swift and scathing. Apparently HTC had enough of the hoards of pissed off Desire owners and has now reversed that decision.

HTC UK posted on its Facebook page today with the short and sweet notification “Contrary to what we said earlier, we are going to bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire.” As you can imagine lots of Desire owners are feeling much better about their purchase and might actually be considering HTC for future smartphones again.

HTC has offered no indication of exactly how long it will take to bring the update. I also have to wonder how suddenly HTC has figured out how to get Gingerbread onto the Desire when it cited lack of memory before. Do you think perhaps HTC Sense will be shed? Would you rather have your Sense UI or Gingerbread and no Sense? I think this post sums up the entire reversal process pretty well from Facebook use Punit Clare, “had enough backlash??” Yes, they have.