It seems that over in Taiwan an intrepid young leaker has let loose a new image of what he or she calls codename “Saga,” and it appears that it might be one o’ those flagship phones from none other than HTC herself. Also according to the leakster this phone is running Android 2.2.1 and belongs to a “client” of his. He’s decided that it’s approximately as thick as the HTC Legend or 7 Mozart.

This phone will certainly be popping up during Mobile World Congress 2011, which we’ll be at live to tell you how it feels in our claws. Besides the fact that the back looks less than appealing, we don’t know that much about this phone. Have you got any more info? Let us know asap!

[Via Mobile01]


  1. im going to go out on a limb and say that screen is at least 4”, yay cuz a 4 inch screen is a minimum for me when it comes to smartphones.

  2. Why do they make the same old boring candy bar design while there are so many fantastic designs available. Sony ericsson is at least trying to be different from other companies in that sense.

    • @Raghavendra I used to be a Ericsson / Sony Ericsson fanboy. Too bad their phones now are so cheap and plasticy feeling. My X10 had a creaky battery case that I couldn’t stand. I actually like conservative/business looking phones so this HTC Saga looks great to me.

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