HTC has released the One and the One mini, yet we are still waiting on the One Max. The last of the HTC One Max (T6) related rumors were suggesting the handset would be arriving in September. And for those who have yet to put together the September connection — that is when we are expecting Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note III.

That is expected to happen during IFA and assuming these two handsets are announced as expected, it looks like there many be a small battle of phablets. Putting the potential phablet war aside though, it is also looking like HTC has another handset in the works for release sometime late in 2013. This other handset is being called the HTC Zara and the mention has come by way of a recent China Times article.

There weren’t many specifics. For example, we have yet to see if Zara is a codename or the actual name. There also hasn’t been any specs mentioned. Taking that a step further, that means the Zara may not even be arriving as an Android handset. What has been revealed is an interesting tidbit in terms of the casing. It is looking like the HTC Zara will be made of plastic.

This isn’t that far away from many smartphones these days, but it would be a departure from the HTC One and One mini. Not to mention, what is expected with the HTC One Max. The talk of the HTC Zara does bring an interesting connection with some other recent HTC news.

The company has recently established the Emerging Devices unit. This is said to have a focus on “innovative new HTC products and global distribution strategies.” While we are not necessarily convinced a plastic-bodied Zara smartphone would be considered an innovative new HTC product it could have a connection with the latter part of that statement — the global distribution strategies. After all, a plastic-bodied handset could be lower priced and made available on a wider scale.

VIA: unwired view