HTC has released their earnings for the month of November, and things are looking up. They generated $523 million in revenue, up from $507 million for last month. That’s a 3% bump, and brings their total annual earnings to $6.45 billion.

It’s also a huge loss compared to this time last year. Year-on-year, HTC is down just over 27%. Though they’ve seen their flagship devices span all carriers, and have broadened their One lineup with a Max and mini offering, HTC is still in rough shape. Unfortunately, that’s where the good times end.

The HTC First — or “Facebook Phone” — was a monumental flop, and worried many that HTC was a one-trick pony. While the One is still looked at as a revival device for the brand, HTC has said that shipments were less than expected, hinting that the world isn’t ready to buy in just yet. They’re also invested in Windows Phone, but that platform has a severely limited market share, dominated by Nokia (now Microsoft).


Their marketing efforts have been sporadic and polarizing, too. Until recently, HTC didn’t have to do much more than make great handsets. With the dominating presence of Samsung and upstart LG making headway in the Android realm, HTC has found themselves searching for a way back.

HTC has also seen their share of management issues, with the CEO and Chairwoman recently vowing to right the ship. While we really hope HTC can get back to the spotlight, they may have to settle for their current role as an also-ran. They are improving, though, and that’s all you can really ask for. We’ll be interested to see how they finish the year.

VIA: Android Central