If there was any doubt that HTC was in some hot water, this news should probably dispel all that. HTC CEO Peter Chou has stepped back from some of his duties in order to focus on putting the company back on the smartphone map.

The situation isn’t as bad some other smartphone manufacturer out there, but HTC is definitely experiencing a fall from grace. The HTC One, which we found to be quite impressive in our in-depth review, failed to boost the company to the top as much as it had hoped. Its marketing campaign, which involved hiring big shot Hollywood actors, which surely cost a lot, was a flash in the pan. Its latest smartphone, the giant HTC One Max, arrived late and left us feeling quite underwhelmed.

It should come as no surprise, then, that HTC would undergo a bit of reshuffling. CEO Peter Chou will be relinquishing some of his duties, handing them over to HTC chairwoman and co-founder Cher Wang. She will now also be handling sales, marketing and supplier relationship, along with her other existing duties. Co-founder H. T. Chou has also returned to the company to steer the ship of some phone projects.

It seems that Peter Chou, however, will still retain the title of CEO, for whatever reason, and will be focusing on innovation and product development, which sounds all too vague at this point. HTC has not yet given an official statement regarding this and it remains to be seen if there will also be changes further down the line.

SOURCE: Reuters