You didn’t really think they would release a camera that doesn’t have a viewfinder right? HTC‘s weirdly-shaped RE camera will soon be available in the market, but ahead of its release, an app to help you use it has been released for Android devices. The companion app will serve as a viewfinder, controller, and gallery viewer to the standalone camera. This is part of HTC’s foray into the digital imaging market, which also includes the HTC Desire Eye and a collaborative video editing app.

Unless you’ve been hiding inside a submarine, the RE cam which looks like a periscope, has been garnering a bit of buzz, not yet because of its actual prowess, but due to its odd shape and some may say it is unnecessary (although the popularity of such action cameras like GoPro may beg to differ). But one drawback to it is that it doesn’t have a viewfinder and assumes you can take great shots without looking at what you’re actually taking. Well HTC aims to solve this problem through this companion app that will help you control the camera.

The RE app mirrors in real time what you see on your camera and lets you remotely control it as well. You just need to pair it with your Android device (it doesn’t have to be an HTC phone, don’t worry) and all the photos and videos you take will automatically be backed up and saved on your smartphone. You can also immediately share the images (with a bit of retouching if you prefer) to your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Of course the app will be practically useless for you unless you have the RE cam, which is expected to go on sale within this week. But if you plan on buying one, you can download the app ahead of getting the actual camera. You can get it for free through the Google Play Store.