While HTC had been holding out high hopes for the One, it seems the release delays have taken their toll on the first quarter earnings. In fact, HTC has posted the Q1 2013 results and they are the weakest they have even been. The report is showing HTC as having a net profit of 85m Taiwanese (roughly $2.85 million US), however looking at previous earnings reports and things were way down.

HTC had posted a net profit of NT$1 billion (roughly $34 million) during the fourth quarter of last year. Of course, based on what we saw in that Q4 2012 earnings report, this isn’t coming with all that much in terms of surprise. Some of the other highlights from the current quarterly report include a posted revenue of NT$42.8 billion, an unaudited operating income of NT$43 million, a net income before tax of NT$103 million and a net income after tax of NT$85 million.

Touching back on the release of the One though, and we may have things looking up come the next quarter. Well, that is assuming we do not see any further release delays. The One is expected to arrive in the US at the end of April with pre-orders having already begun with AT&T and also for the unlocked developer edition. US release aside, there is also the European and Asia-Pacific release that we should aware of.

Time will tell how the future earnings reports for HTC will look, however for now we are looking to see how well the One will do as compared to the GALAXY S 4. After all, both handsets are hitting (here in the US) at just about the same time. Simply put, instead of HTC having the One out in advance giving customers a clear choice, they are now being put in a position of having to decide which handset to pick. While Samsung may have an edge given their large user base, the HTC One has been getting fairly nice reviews.

[via HTC]