HTC will have a developer edition of the One smartphone available shortly. The handset, which has been dubbed the HTC One Developer Edition, will be available for pre-order beginning on April 5. More specifically, the pre-orders will be available from 10AM EST on April 5. The interesting part here, the developer edition HTC One will give you something that we previously thought would only be available from one carrier.

That something is storage — 64GB of it. Of course, that also seems to tie in with where users will be taking their Developer Edition HTC One. The handset will arrive with support for AT&T. HTC has said the Developer Edition One will have LTE and 3G connectivity for AT&T. Alternatively, the handset should also work with a T-Mobile SIM. HSPA+ connectivity on the One Developer Edition comes courtesy of the 850/1900/2100 MHz bands.

Given this is a developer edition handset you can expect a few things. To begin with, the handset will be unlocked (hence being able to use it on those previously mentioned carriers), it will also have an unlocked bootloader. Touching on the unlocked portion, the handset will also be purchased off-contract which means no carrier subsidy. Simply put, expect to pay $649 to purchase the HTC One Developer Edition model.

Otherwise, the HTC One pre-orders have already begun to go live with the carriers. Pre-orders began yesterday with AT&T and some others should be starting up today. The AT&T pricing will be $199.99 (32GB) or $299.99 (64GB) on a two-year agreement. Finally, the HTC One Developer Edition is expected to begin shipping the same day as the AT&T branded model — on April 19. In the meantime, check out the timeline below which details some of our previous HTC One coverage including our full review.

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