It appears that HTC has had a bit of a leak in the form of a trademark filing for a so-called “HTC PLAY.” This name is set to be attached to a store that will be working with mobile content (aka at least Android, maybe Windows Phone 7,) in more area than one. It’ll be an app sales location, it’ll be a place where you can store and organize your content, you’ll be able to grab multiple kinds of media (games, apps, music, images, data,) and HTC PLAY will be addressing not only mobile devices but computers too (computers here we’re assuming means desktop/laptop hardware.) This make sense since the line is being more and more blurred on the daily.

Don’t be fooled into believing that the following paragraph means that there’s going to be an actual physical HTC store out there for you to go to and pick up a couple of HTC video games for your Xbox, nay!

“Retail store services featuring software provided via the internet and other computer and electronic communication networks; Retail store services featuring software for use on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile devices; Retail store services featuring game software for use on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile devices”

Retail doesn’t mean that it’s on the corner of your block, it simply means that its a place from whens small quantities of goods are sold. In this case, apps via your mobile device and the internet. Furthermore, if you’d be so bold as to expand your thinking on over to OnLive, the cloud gaming service, you’ve got quite the doozie of a release of info there. Could this be another competitor for the Android Market? You never know.

[via HTCPedia]