New pictures have leaked of a device being called the HTC Pico. When I first heard that I was hoping for a phone with a built-in Pico projector as that would be awesome but I quickly learned this was a much smaller, goofier device that is aimed for the mid-range crowd. It looks slightly like a re-badged Wildfire S and has similar specs to match.

After looking a bit closer it does seem to have a striking resemblance to the fashionable and female oriented HTC Glamor recently revealed too so that is another thing to consider. I did mention the Wildfire S because the specifications of the Pico are almost the exact same. The HTC Pico should come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a single-core 600MHz CPU CPU, and 384MB of RAM, rocking a 3.2″ HVGA 480×320 touchscreen. We can clearly see a pretty large lens of the rear for the camera and most likely it will be 5 MP.

The HTC Pico was spotted by and initial reports are suggesting the radios inside are slating this for a European release but we could be hearing more shortly and eventually see it hit the US. What do you guys think about this? Is it just a cute little mid-range phone, or will it be geared for the female crowd and come with tons of accessories and color options?

[via PocketNow]