Rumors about the HTC Glacier, an exceptionally powerful device featuring T-Mobile’s HSPA+, began a few weeks back, and despite there not being much more information about the device since then, it’s never left our mind. Now, thanks to Engadget, there’s a new AWS-equipped device making its short-term home within the FCC right now. Questions immediately arose from the specifications garnered from that listing. Is this the Glacier, or is it the already well-known G2?

They aren’t sure, but the specifications listed could indeed point to either one of these devices. With a model code number of PC10100, there isn’t any language about a launch title quite yet. The listing does inform us that the handset features WiFi 802.11b/g/n, though. However, most notably, is the inclusion of HSPA+ connectivity. That, along with the fact it’s listed as an AWS 3G device, means this thing’s heading to T-Mobile USA. When that is, or what device this could be is anyone’s guess. So . . . Start guessing!

[via Engadget]