When Project Emerald news broke, there was all sorts of speculation surrounding what it could be. Despite all the rumor mongering and speculation, we still don’t have a confirmation from T-Mobile what it is. But, we have to keep the rumor mill turning, so here we are with another addition. The HTC Glacier is, supposedly, the device that will spur T-Mobile’s Emerald emergence, and it’s actually HTC’s dual-core processor device.

Not only do we have the name, but thanks to the tip we just received, we have some images that include benchmarks taken with the HTC Glacier, against devices like the Droid X and HTC EVO 4G. The tipster was scanning the GLBenchmark 1.1 database, and they managed to come across a new device. Yeah, you guessed it: the Glacier. And, while that’s not exciting in of itself, the results therein are definitely interesting.

As we are well aware, the HTC EVO 4G features a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and the Droid X features a 1GHz OMAP processor. Both of them are workhorses in their own right, but according to these benchmark scores, pale in comparison to whatever the Glacier is. Testing the benchmarks versus, say, the iPhone 4, T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant, and the EVO 4G pulled some interesting results.

The Glacier managed to pull 1432 frames in the GLBenchmark Pro ES 1.1 CPU Skinning test consistently. While the Droid X reached 856 frames, the EVO managed 516 frames, and the G1 pulled a parsley 113 frames. While the iPhone 4 did 1016 frames. Shockingly enough, or perhaps not at all, the Vibrant reached 1409 frames. So, with those numbers, especially against the 1GHz Snapdragon processor in the EVO, the tipster believes that the 1432 frames (versus 516) means that the Glacier could very well be the dual-core monstrosity that we’ve all been waiting for.

We’re skeptical, but at the same time, the results speak for themselves. Even if the Hummingbird processor in the Vibrant managed to keep up, there’s definitely a possibility that the Glacier is indeed part of Project Emerald. Now, as always, the epic waiting begins. We’ll be sure to keep our feelers out for more information about Project Emerald and the Glacier itself. For more information about the tests the tipster did, head on through the source link.

[via AlienBabelTech; thanks, abt!]



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