Another win for Dropbox has just been announced today thanks to HTC. We knew something like this was coming ever since we heard Sense 3.5 users would get free Dropbox storage but today HTC has announced that they’ve partnered with the popular cloud storage company Dropbox, and will be giving 5GB of free storage to all Android users.

Today HTC made the partnership official on their Facebook page but they didn’t share any other details regarding the partnership or how they plan to move forward. Whether this will only be with new HTC Android phones, or if old users can sign up and receive the same treatment is not yet known. Either way Dropbox is amazing and I highly recommend you check it out.

HTC went from offering all Sense 3.5 users free Dropbox storage to now allowing all Android phones the same luxury, something I’m sure no one will have any complaints about although it will now come pre-installed, but I’d never actually call it bloatware. As soon as we learn the full details from HTC we’ll be sure to update with the latest. Now go get Dropbox by clicking here.