HTC recently announced the One smartphone and while the handset has a long list of solid specs and features, it seems that not all of them are being talked about as much. For example, the HTC One has a build in IR (infrared) blaster. In an attempt to make a push towards having that utilized — HTC has put out an open call for IR related apps. More specifically, HTCDev has announced that the IR API is available as part of the HTC OpenSense SDK.

Simply put, this means developers will be able to use that API to create new IR friendly apps for the One smartphone. Some of the features that come with this API include having your One learn the key codes from other devices such as a remote control. Once the code is learned, your phone becomes your remote. HTC notes that by expanding the use of IR, “your apps could easily adapt to new hardware such as printers, DSLR cameras, real estate lock boxes and many more.”

One of the use cases for the IR blaster deals with Sense TV. To begin with, the IR is able to function as a universal remote without anything extra being done. Well, aside from learning the code from your remote. Otherwise, HTC has said that using the IR functionality along with geo-location and you will be able to get a TV guide based on your location.

Bottom line here, the IR functionality in the HTC One could have plenty of use cases aside from being a remote for your television. The key here, the developers will need to start building some tools so the end users can begin using that functionally. Of course, we also hope to get more direct from HTC, but in the meantime — if you are a developer targeting HTC, make sure you take a look at the updated OpenSense SDK.

[via HTC Blog]

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