Early this morning the folks from HTC finally made that beautiful blue HTC One smartphone we’ve been talking about the past few weeks official. Announcing it as the Vivid Blue HTC One, and along with it was news of the One Mini enjoying the same color. However, sadly, we can now confirm that won’t be coming to the US. At least not that exact color.

Carphone Warehouse this afternoon has sadly confirmed that they’ve snatched up the exclusive on the Vivid Blue HTC One, and it will only be available to their customers in the UK. When HTC announced it we were excited to hopefully learn when we could buy one, possibly from Verizon, but that won’t be happening.

Carphone Warehouse actually has the exclusive on the color for both the regular, and the mini, so we won’t be seeing that color variant over on the AT&T Mini either. We’ve seen different pictures floating around, and it’s possible HTC will have other colors, but for now things aren’t looking good for US carriers.


If you were hoping to get this 4.7-inch 1080p flagship smartphone in a bright and unique color, sorry to bring the bad news. On the other hand, the same quad-core 2GB powered device with stunning front facing speakers and Android Jelly Bean is available from all the major US carriers now, even Verizon. We’ll update when we learn any further details.

VIA: Pocket-Lint