T-Mobile’s One S and AT&T’s One X are grabbing headlines, but let’s not forget about the junior member of HTC’s new first family. The Taiwanese company made a brief press announcement today stating that the HTC One V would be headed to the US of A this summer, on “a variety of U.S. partners”. No more precise date or pricing information is available, but the One V is well-positioned to be an excellent low-to-mid-range Android device.

Shortly after HTC revealed the One V at Mobile World Congress, we’d heard that it was coming to several budget carriers, namely Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile and US Cellular. While  there’s no confirmation this morning, those still seem like likely candidates for the budget-focused smartphone. US Cellular in particular is looking to highlight its LTE markets, and a slightly modified version of the phone could be an excellent mix of price and features.

For the uninitiated, the One V is the least powerful member of the One family, roughly equal to the old Nexus One in capability. It’s powered by a 1Ghz single-core processor with 512MB of memory and just 4GB of storage, though the phone gets a MicroSD card slot. Naturally it runs Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC’s Sense 4.0 and Beats audio, all displayed on a 3.7-inch LCD screen. In the UK, outright pricing for the HTC One V is the equivalent of about $350.

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