Not a big fan of the Zune brown on the HTC One V displayed at Mobile World Congress? Depending upon your region and carrier, you may have some more options. New versions with black grey and purple tints to their unibody aluminum case were uncovered by Blog of Mobile, in some pretty convincing press shots. Sure, these could be whipped up by any Photoshop guru in about five minutes, but low-end phones tend towards some more fashionable color options, and mobile carriers like a little distinction. Let’s hope these choices (yes, even purple) show up when the One V starts hitting retailers next month.

No matter what hue you choose, the One V has some respectable specifications hiding beneath its metal frame. The 1Ghz single-core processor and 512MB of RAM won’t keep up with its big brothers the HTC One X and One S, but it should be enough to run Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4.0. The 3.7-inch 800×480 screen is small by late Android phones,   but should suffice for those who want a more pocket-friendly device. On the back you get a 5 megapixel camera with HTC’s F/2.0 lens. The One V is the only member of HTC’s new lineup to get a MicroSD card slot, to help out with its somewhat cramped 4GB of on-board storage.

The One V will be available unlocked in the UK and Europe sometime in April, with Taiwan and other markets likely to follow. Here in the US, the phone is coming to regional and budget carriers Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile and US Cellular. No national carriers have picked up the phone yet (AT&T and T-Mobile are busy with the HTC One X and One S, respectively) but it should land on one of them eventually.

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[via UnwiredView]