Coming as another in a series of HTC One (M7) leaks and rumors, it looks like some price points and release dates have been revealed. The information is dealing with the US release and comes along with some details about the exterior casing. The key here is that while these details all sound believable enough — nothing is official until we get the word from HTC. Well, HTC or the carriers.

That warning out of the way, it is now being reported that the HTC One will launch in the US market with three carriers — AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. The price is said to be $199.99 for a 32GB model and $299.99 for a 64GB model. Nothing has been mentioned in terms of Verizon Wireless, however given the previous HTC M7 coverage, that part is not all that surprising.

Otherwise, aside from the two price points and the three carriers — it was said that the HTC One would be available beginning on March 22. Of course, we suspect we will be getting the official details come February 19 when HTC has the announcement event. Additionally, there was some talk about the handset itself. To begin with, further mention of the colors, which are said to be black and silver/white.

It was also mentioned that the previous image of the HTC M7 with a soft-touch black exterior was real. The catch, that was nothing more than a pre-production unit used for testing. It seems the final design will have a metal casing with front-facing speakers. Other still rumored specs include a 4.7-inch 1080p display and quad-core processor with Jelly Bean and Sense 5. Given the hype surrounding the handset so far, this is likely a silly question — but who is excited to see what HTC has to offer?

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