The leaks are starting to flow in pretty quickly now that HTC’s officially announced they will be unveiling their new handset in just a few weeks time. February 19th will be their press event in NYC and London where we expect the new HTC M7 to finally see the light of day. Yesterday we reported a possible release date, and now we have launch partners.

We’ve seen various leaks that show the new flagship smartphone arriving for almost all major US carriers and until today that included Verizon, but not T-Mobile. Now according to HTCSource, who’s been accurate in the past on HTC news, it looks like the tides have turned and everyone will be offering this new impressive smartphone but the folks from Verizon Wireless. At least not at first.

Verizon is known for doing things a little different, or at their own pace to put it lightly, and this looks to be no different. Reports are claiming T-Mobile, AT&T, and the Now Network will all have the M7 (still just a codename) come mid March. Apparently Verizon either won’t offer the M7 at all, or won’t be a launch partner for unknown reasons. Possibly because it doesn’t have the “DROID” name attached to it, or they don’t want to launch so close to their own flagship HTC DROID DNA.

We’re also assuming the HTC M7 will be one of the first 4G LTE capable T-Mobile handsets. Making the M7 be a full 4G LTE smartphone across all major US carriers. Things are really getting interesting. It looks like March 8th could be the international release date, and hopefully come Feb 19th HTC confirms the US release dates (or plans) too. We’ll be there live for plenty of hands-on so stay tuned right here at Android Community.

[via HTCSource]