If you’ve seen or used the HTC One you’d probably agree with us that the smartphone is pretty impressive. Today HTC has just released a new TV ad spot that trashes on the competition, and throws dirt all over their weak features. With HTC touting their Blinkfeed news front and center, these ads show why their smartphone is better than the rest.

To be honest we’ve been waiting for HTC to get a little more aggressive with their commercials. We all know Samsung has no issue with being aggressive, and doesn’t hold anything back. Instead of just random commercials this new TV advert by HTC is actually showing off new features and an aspect that makes the phone great.

Blinkfeed is HTC’s proprietary news app, similar to Flipboard, that gives you updates on anything and everything you’d like to know in a timely manor, beautifully on your homescreen. No digging through the phone to find Facebook updates, news alerts, sports updates and more. They literally throw dirt on the competition in the ad, check it out below.


Then they show us a little more of the same, with multiple people around you all doing the same digging. With the HTC One and Blinkfeed everything is right where you want and need it.
Side note: HTC, please make your ads higher than 480p for your 1080p smartphone.


Personally we absolutely loved Blinkfeed in our HTC One reviews, both which are available below, and add those into the stunning sound quality HTC’s been showing off in other commercials and you have a stellar experience. So do you proud HTC One owners use Blinkfeed? We wish there was more news sources we could add, instead of HTC’s curated list, but still love the option.

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