As has previously been indicated on this site (often and with enthusiasm), kickstands are officially awesome. If I could add one to every device with a screen bigger than three inches across I would, and if you’ve got a shiny new HTC One S, you’ll soon be able to. And the best part is that this isn’t a cheap case from some no-name Chinese OEM – these are some quality cases, right from HTC themselves.

For those of you who aren’t quite as rabidly emphatic about kickstands as I am, there will be a standard version of the molded plastic case as well. Both models will come in four colors: black, grey, blue and red (shading to magenta). The cases have a pretty standard design, but leave the top and bottom of the phone exposed. The kickstand version also obscures the MicroUSB charging port when closed.

Since the international version of the One S and T-Mobile’s US variant are identical in size and shape, the new HTC cases should work with all models. Suggested retail price for the standard case will be $24.99, with the kickstand version jumping up a bit to $39.99. HTC didn’t say when the cases would become available, just that they’d reach retailers “soon”.

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[via Engadget]