HTC had been having component shortage issues with the One smartphone, however it looks like those are currently in the process of being resolved. In an effort to try and put those issues in the past, HTC is now expected to begin ramping up production. In fact, Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia has said production will be increasing this month and then again in June.

The comments have arrived by way of a recent Focus Taiwan report and Tong has said the “capacity is expected to rise significantly starting from mid-May.” The manufacturing process is expected to double in May (as compared to the month of April) and then increase again in June.

Further comments from Tong show the production bump as being a response to “strong demand” with a mention about HTC is “optimistic” when it comes their “high-end sales during April and June.” The increase in production could help HTC however they still have a long road ahead.


Looking back to the first quarter results and revenue was still down. That report had revenue at $1.45 billion and with a drop in sales that hovered around 50 percent (as compared to the same quarter in the previous year). The HTC One is obviously a big deal for HTC at this point, however they still have other handsets to push and market.

Another recent release was the HTC First, which some may recognize as the Facebook phone. The First is running the Facebook Home launcher and is available with AT&T. The First is not sporting high-end specs, however there are some perks. For one, you can turn off Facebook Home and have a relatively clean Android experience. Of course, a recent price drop by AT&T did cause some speculation in terms of the current level of success for the HTC First.