If the new flagship HTC One wants to compete with the likes of Samsung and their Galaxy S4, they better have everything ready to rock when launch date arrives. However, today we’re getting scattered reports from industry sources inside Taiwan stating the One could get delayed and faces huge shortages due to a lack of components – mainly that new camera. HTC just can’t catch a break.

For now these reports are only that. Reports, and nothing has been confirmed. If they plan to launch the new flagship device globally on the 15th of March they have some serious work to do. According to a KGI Securities analyst, the supply and yields on producing the new “Ultrapixel” camera are so low they might have a hard time producing more than 1 million units over the next few months.

Then the analyst also goes into mention the voice-coil motor HTC is using also appears to be having a major shortage for whatever reason. With Samsung increasing production to meet their suggested 100 million Galaxy S4 sales, HTC’s 1 million will be a sad state of affairs. While we’re looking for additional details it looks like HTC might have to delay or cut back shipments to smaller markets in order to meet what is expected to be quite the demand come March 15th for the global launch.

The report also states some larger Chinese and Japan markets might see delays until May so HTC can fill the demand here in the US as they aim to launch on all major carriers but Verizon. We haven’t heard anything from US carriers yet, but the global launch is March 15th. Which is just one day after Samsung will unveil their Galaxy S4 in New York City. Things will be tight, and hopefully HTC can deliver.

[via BriefMobile]

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