We saw a bit about the HTC One Mini earlier this morning. Those details came by way of a leak that included both images and details of the specs. As of now though, it looks like HTC is getting closer to coming forward with an official announcement. We still have yet to learn when that announcement will arrive however judging from the recently published (and quickly retracted) post by HTC — it looks like that time may be getting closer.

The post came by way of the official HTC company blog and was discovered by the folks at Android Police. Anyway, without specifically naming the HTC One Mini, the post did offer what seems to be a clear hint. The content of that post read as follows;

“The HTC One, by many accounts, is the pinnacle of smartphone achievement. The beautiful metal design, powerful hardware, and innovative user experience pack a lot into a svelte package, making it hit with critics and consumers alike.This success has only boosted our passion to bring the One experience to as many people as possible.

In that spirit, here’s an homage to little things that back a big punch.

Can you think of anything else that packs a big punch into a small package?”

This post also included an infographic, which as far as infographics go, this one was a bit odder than normal. It included talk of bugs, peppers, sports, entertainment, the natural world and technology. But the key with that infographic was similar to what we saw with the actual blog post — it hinted at the HTC One Mini.

The infographic closed with a comment about how “maybe size does matter after all and smaller can be better.” Basically, that post and infographic seem to be telling a similar story. But for now we are left waiting for an actual announcement. In the meantime, we can look back to those earlier rumors in an effort to see what may be coming.

Things appear to be shaping up nicely, not to mention, as expected. The latest HTC One Mini rumors point towards a handset with a 4.3-inch 720p display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, 1GB of RAM, Adreno 305 graphics, 16GB of internal storage, an UltraPixel camera and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.