It seems that manufacturers are just now catching up on their 2013 flagship series. After Samsung updated last year’s Galaxy S4 Zoom to Android 4.4, now the HTC One mini is getting a fresh new coat of paint. No, this isn’t an Android 4.4 update, which happened in March, but is instead one that brings last year’s mini flagship to the current Sense 6.0.

When HTC rolled out Android 4.4 for the One mini a few months ago, it only came with Sense 5.5. So although the mini smartphone did get a serving of chocolate, it didn’t get the fancy interface and new features of the latest Sense, including double tap to wake and quick launching the camera. Now the time has come for it to get some Sense, but it isn’t the only thing that will be coming in this 500 MB update.

HTC is also pushing a few new features to the One mini, some related to the Sense UI and some more focused on functionality. For the former, there is now a button that clears the Recents App list in a single tap, color-coded themes, and personalized font options. For functionality, the One mini will be receiving an extreme power saving mode, Do Not Disturb schedule support, and updated versions of Music, Gallery, and Blinkfeed apps.

It should be noted that this HTC One mini Sense 6 update is rolling out only in Europe so far but it is expected that global markets will soon follow. Based on HTC’s progress report page, however, the AT&T variant of the smartphone is still in the integration stage and it might take some time before it actually goes out to the carrier’s customers.



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