After a long and never ending series of rumors and leaks, the HTC One max was officially unveiled earlier this week. At the time of the announcement HTC had said the global release would begin this month, but they were a bit light in terms of the specific markets. We have already begun seeing carrier announcements in the US, however it looks like there is a bit of bad news for those in Canada.

In short, HTC has no plans to release the One max in Canada. In a statement provided to MobileSyrup, HTC said “at this time the current HTC line up of devices is sufficient for the Canadian marketplace.” To that point, the statement also briefly mentioned how “each market is different and has different demands” and also touched on how they “consider a number of factors such as, the HTC devices currently available, the competition ect.”

But again, the short answer is that anyone who had been hoping to pick up a One max in Canada can stop waiting. Anyway, with the release time quickly approaching, we are expecting to see more from HTC sooner rather than later. Given the lack of Canadian release and the limited details we have seen for the US so far, it looks like the One max is going to remain fairly low-key in the North American market.

Time will tell how this launch plays out elsewhere. In the meantime, we did spend a bit of time with the handset and have since published a full review. In addition to our review, HTC has also touched on the fingerprint collection policy, which appears to be good news for the security minded.

As for the US, we have recently heard from Verizon Wireless. A price and specific release date remain a mystery, however Big Red did say the handset would be available in time for the holiday shopping season.